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About Hope Neon Custom Neon Signs

Hope Neon Ltd. was established in 1958, by glass bender Rudy Hope.

Rudy told me the story of how he would make glass tubes, which he had no idea what they were to be used for, and wasnít told there purpose. This was many years before he started making neon tubes. He later found out the tubes he had been making were for something called radar for the government for World War 2.

With much patience, Rudy Hope started teaching me the art of glass bending in 1984.

The use of neon has changed over the years, from the exposed neon look of the 50ís, to neon signs hanging in retail store windows, or being used as a light source behind plastic face lit letters, or as halo lit neon (neon behind a metal letter to give the letter a glow look), to the modern look of architectural cove lighting, to personalized custom neon signs.

Wonder if Rudy would have bet that his start up one man neon sign company out of his garage would still be producing neon some 50 years later?

The hand crafted art of glass bending hasnít changed over the years. The actual glass bending equipment hasnít changed much over the years. There have been some changes in the neon gas process equipment, glass colors, and layout design via the computer, but overall, a current neon shop in the present is not much different than it was back in the past. Itís great to be part of an old art form thatís still here today.

Why Choose Neon

No other sign illumination technology offers a wider range of brilliant color options than neon for neon signs. With neon powered signs your design choices include a full rainbow of color possibilities including green, blue, red, white, yellow, purple and beyond.

Neon signs provide crisp brilliant color enabling you to create a custom neon sign that is eye-catching & memorable.


Benefits of a Neon Sign:

Neon signs are very affordable to run. An average 2í x 2í neon sign will only consume approximately the same power that a 100 watt light bulb would.  Neon tubes can be shaped to almost anything with hardly any limitations.  Creativity and neon signs go hand in hand.

Not only do neon signs have a high nostalgia effect, but neon signs also have the unique spectral output of its light which affects the viewers optic nerve differently than other light sources.

A neon sign is hand crafted, unique, and one of a kind.


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