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How was it made- Mervs

Mervs was created from this photograph, we did a line drawing to capture the cars lines


Picture by Email

This neon sign was created from a picture sent to us by email. We were told to make the neon of the car blue and white with a yellow “MERVS” above. 

This is the full colour layout we provided to the customer to get approval to create the neon sign below Layout Example

We emailed a few letter styles to choose from. We then emailed a layout for approval.

This is the final 2'x2' neon sign we created for Merv Your Finished Neon Sign

The neon sign was created, shipped, and ready to hang in the garage.

 2’ x 2’ Personalized custom neon sign

Email: info@hopeneonsigns.com
Phone: 416-570-9703


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