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Neon tube bending, all our neon signs are created by hand and this is an example of the process

Neon sign tube bending process 

Once we have a neon sign design, the neon tube bending begins. Here I have a glass mouthpiece attached to a blow hose. The blow hose is slipped onto one end of a raw neon tube. The purpose of this is to allow me to blow air from my mouth to the glass. I then can control the glass diameter once it reaches a molten state.



 Grant Farrell simultaneously heats, blows and bends the glass tubing in to shape

The idea is to get the glass hot and molten, then bunch or gather the glass to gain glass strength. Once I have acquired the desired shape, I blow just enough air into the neon sign tube to keep the glass diameter consistent in size with the rest of the tube.

After creating the desired shape with the glass tube Grant holds it in place to let the glass cool

The tube is held in its position for seconds while it cools and hardens. Electrodes, the electrical connectors, are welded on to the end of the neon sign tube and the tube is now ready for the evacuation, bombardment, and gas filling process.

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