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Storefront Custom Neon Signs


We create and service Storefront Neon Signs in and around Toronto- Get a great custom storefront neon sign that is unique and different for your storefront!

Storefront Neon Signs for retail chains

Fortune Teller Custon Neon Signs in Toronto
Neon is the most visible way of catching peoples attention.

 If you want people to notice your store, light it with neon. The majority of our neon projects are for small retail business storefronts but we have also manufactured many large neon projects (such as Lasenza in the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Mall and the Toronto TD Tower).

There are many options available;

  • we can put neon frames around your storefront window
  • custom storefront neon designs images
  • we can also accent inside stores with either neon signs, or wall and ceiling neon, with lines and curves.
  • neon can be constantly on or flashing depending on your preference.
  • neon is extremely reliable and very inexpensive to operate
  • we can personally come to your location to discuss your neon project.

Neon Storefronts in large cities like Toronto around the world, have been attracting new business for decades.  Passersby's of Neon Storefronts have no choice but to take notice. It's a natural instinct for the eyes.

Restaurant neon storefront sign

Small business neon sign in Toronto

We've had many similar calls with the following problem;

"Most of our customers find us via the yellow pages or the internet, yet we miss out on the thousands of people
who pass by our store in their car or by foot."

A repeated comment made once they find our store is;

'I never knew you were here even though I pass by it often'."

This is a common comment we hear. All avenues of advertising, especially inexpensive neon advertising, is not used. Neon used in a Storefront changes that.

We say use what you can to advertise. Use your storefront. Make it a Neon Storefront!

A Neon Storefront gives so much value. At Hope Neon, we stress;

"BE NEON CLASSY, BE NEON LOUD!. Have your storefront noticed. "


Let people know where you are and what you offer. It enhances and up sells your image.

Storefronts that comprise of only vinyl or banners, which by all means can look attractive, don't necessarily promote or shout, or even show off. A Neon Storefront does this.

Whether your Neon Storefront is one colour, or has many colours or styles, or the Neon Storefront is flashing, your personal taste along with our experienced recommendations combine for an excellent small investment. Once your Neon Storefront is alive and lit up, together we will instantly have created a proud representation of your business. Many customers have called back after their Storefront was Neonized and stated it was the best valued investment they ever did.

Two choices for your Storefront Neon sign background are either clear acrylic or black acrylic.

Clear Acrylic Backing: Small storefronts with a minimal amount of window space, could opt for the clear acrylic backing of the neon sign if you don't want to restrict your view to the outside while in your store. You could see outside as well as the back of the actual lit neon, as well as a few neon wires.

Black Acrylic Backing: Storefronts with larger window space, or a lot of windows, allows the option of black acrylic backgrounds for the neon sign, or neon signs, if you don't need a complete view outside. So with the black, you will not see the lit neon or the few neon wires from inside your store.

So which ever choice you decide on, a Neon Storefront is definitely a winning choice.  Your business can only increase.  


We buy Books, music and video storefront neon sign

Call us today!  We can create a unique and
 custom neon storefront sign for businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, North York and all surrounding areas.

Email: info@hopeneonsigns.com
Phone: 416-570-9703

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